Dear Friends,

As many of you already know, our trio has not had a chance to play very often lately. Emily moved to Chicago in October 2019 and has begun to join the music and theatre scene there. Jacob has been busy with teaching, performing with his duo, Warren & Flick, and with his band, Westbound Situation, as well as with other musicians. And San has kept his day job, performing with Laz as the duo Gemini. All that has made it challenging for us to rehearse and perform together, so we’ve decided to take a hiatus for now.


We have very much enjoyed playing together for the past six years, it’s been a time of genuine growth for all three of us, and we are very grateful for the warm, enthusiastic support we’ve received from all of you. 

We will continue to update the schedule page of this website with all three of our activities, as well as link you to our individual websites for further details about our doings.

We wish all of you the best and look forward to seeing you soon, and often.

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Eclectic, genre-bending, genre-blending acoustic trio who both sing and play a variety of musical styles.