Reuben's Train

On a May weekend we gathered on the Slomovits' porch—surrounded by greening woods, festooned and fragrant with flowers, blooming with countless white and pink and purple Dame's Rockets—and videoed a couple of songs. Jacob manned the computer and the microphones, and our friend and former classmate of Emily and Jacob, Gus Tasker, expertly handled the handheld camera. We recorded the traditional song, Reuben's Train. We think this is Take Three. We know it's as fast as San can play it! 

Live-stream from Top of the Park 2016

The first weeks of warm weather are really something to celebrate in Michigan. Last year, just two days before the official start of summer, we got to show our appreciation the best way we know how at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. It was Father’s Day (a blessing not lost on San), and the weather was absolutely perfect. We had a lovely turnout and we live-streamed the event on Facebook, courtesy of Jacob’s U of M Wi-Fi access and his lovely and ever supportive mother, Leanne. Here it is for your enjoyment anytime of the year.

Yiddle With Your Fiddle

Irving Berlin's 1910 "Yiddle With Your Fiddle"


At Ann Arbor's 5th Annual
Ragtime Extravaganza

Michigan Theater, January 2016

Dona Dona

"Dona Dona," from the 1940 Yiddish Theater musical Esterke, by Aaron Zeitlin with music by Sholom Secunda.


At Ann Arbor's 5th Annual

Ragtime Extravaganza

Michigan Theater, January 2016

Humoresque by Dvořák 
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